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Providing Furniture Restoration to Toronto

Do you have damaged or worn out furniture? At C Pal Upholstery Ltd., our expert craftsmen can help with furniture restoration in Toronto for a range of items, including chairs, sofas, restaurant booths and patio furniture. Our team can refinish and paint wooden furniture, and restore cushion supports for old seats. A number of different materials can be rejuvenated with the knowledge of a furniture restoration expert. If you have furniture that's been damaged, or would like to have older furniture touched up, contact C Pal Upholstery Ltd. for furniture restoration near Toronto!

There are a number of different ways that your furniture can sustain minor damage over time. Through normal wear and tear, your furniture may suffer from scratches, chips, dents, stains, cigarette burns and cracks. With our expert furniture restoration in Toronto and the GTA, C Pal Upholstery Ltd. will bring your pieces back to their former glory. We are pleased to work with homeowners and business owners throughout the area and have experience restoring furniture of all types. In Toronto, and the GTA, there are different types of furniture, used by both individuals and businesses that need to be brought up to their former glory.

Having to discard old furniture and buy new furniture can be an arduous, costly and lengthy process. Furniture restoration in Toronto can be quicker and your best alternative solution, as you get to keep the furniture that you love and make it look like the day you brought it home. You don’t even need to restore the entire thing, as we specialize in furniture upholstery  if you need to just touch up the seats. C PAL Upholstery Ltd. will keep your furniture up to the modern times.

Foam Replacement

Are your old seats sagging and losing their bounce? Bring your cushions to C Pal Upholstery Ltd. and let us bring back that support. We can custom cut foam to any size and shape. For all items that need padding, we can repair, restore or replace.

Wood Furniture Refinishing & Painting

We can restore all types of wood stain finishing. From light wood staining to complete refinishing and light touch-ups, no job is too big or too small. Bring back your furniture’s existing look or transform to your endless imagination.

Do you have an item you want restored? Are you looking for wood staining or painting? Call C Pal Upholstery Ltd. today , and have your furniture looking like new.


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